Impact of emergency cash assistance on gender relations in the tribal areas of Pakistan

The most recent article by Asif Igbal Dawar with Marcos Ferreira, “Impact of emergency cash assistance on gender relations in the tribal areas of Pakistan” (2021), is one of six articles he published throughout his doctoral research.

The International Financial Institutions: An ajar door to the external financing of Iran

Authored by Enrique Martínez-Galán, this chapter (nº6) is part of the book “Geopolitics of Iran: Why is it important to the broader Middle East Region?”, which undertakes an examination of the role of Iran in contemporary geopolitics.

The workings and challenges of development finance institutions: the case of the Deutsche Investitions – und Entwicklungsgesellschaft (DEG)

The working paper CESA/CSG-ISEG nr. 184, by João Paiva-Silva, examines the workings of DEG – the German development finance institution – focusing on how this institution balances (and has historically balanced) its financial, developmental, and geopolitical/geoeconomics mandates.

Modern Intimacies and Modernist Landscapes: Chinese Photographs in Late-Colonial Mozambique

Authored by Lorenzo Macagno, the article addresses a specific aspect of the social and cultural life of the Portuguese-Chinese in Mozambique. The first contingents, coming from the Chinese province of Guangdong, began to arrive in that region of East Africa in the second half of the 19th century.

On the Nature and Determinants of Poor Households’ Resilience in Fragility Contexts

Authored by Christophe R. Quétel, Guy Bordin, Alexandre Abreu, Ilektra Lemi & Carlos Sangreman, this article published in the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities focuses on the resilience of placed populations in the face of great adversity.

Disarray at the headquarters: Economists and Central bankers tested by the subprime and the COVID recessions

Authored by Francisco Louçã, Alexandre Abreu and Gonçalo Pessa Costa, this paper explores the discussions among economic modellers, central banks research staff and decision-makers, namely on the adequacy of unconventional monetary policy and fiscal expansionary measures after the crisis and to COVID 19 recession.

Dans le dernier sursaut de l’Estado da Índia(1951-1961): témoignages inédits de deux femmes portugaises

The WP nr.183 “Dans le dernier sursaut de l’Estado da Índia (1951-1961): témoignages inédits de deux femmes portugaises”, by Nicole Khouri and Joana Pereira Leite, narrates from the unpublished memories of two women, a History of the Portuguese Empire.