The Centre for African and Development Studies (CEsA) is a research centre in the ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management at the Universidade de Lisboa, and is part of the Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Management (CSG) research consortium of ISEG, and the network of R&D Institutions of the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT). It is dedicated to the study of economic, political, social and cultural research in the are of Development Studies, with an emphasis on countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. It promotes multidisciplinary approaches to the phenomenon of Development at the intersection between the various theoretical and applied aspects of research, as well as being linked to national and international cooperation programs.

CEsA has an important role in teaching activities at ISEG, in the Master in Development and International Cooperation (MDCI) and the PhD Program in Development Studies (PDED). This relationship is maintained in several ways, either through representation of CEsA in the Scientific and Pedagogical Committee of MDCI and PDED; in the support and teaching of several of its curricular units; in the collaboration of the organization and realization of the research seminars of the MDCI and PDED; and in supervising students’ thesis, whose development CEsA seeks to fit into its lines of investigation.

The Centre’s activities in the research and thesis supervision encompass the following topics in particular: economic growth and development, globalization and regionalism, institutions and institutional change, governance and public policies, financial systems and development financing, cooperation for development, economic and social history of colonization, migrations and diasporas, nation and Portuguese-speaking identities, urbanization and development.

The internationalization strategy is one of the priorities of the Center, being a member of important networks in the area of Development Studies, such as EADI – European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes. CEsA also organizes seminars and conference programs with an international dimension that provide MDCI and PDED students with permanent contact with cutting-edge research produced in the area.

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