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Learn the details of the Centre for African Studies and Development’s Privacy and data processing policy.


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Our Privacy Policy

CEsA (Centre for African and Development Studies), a non-profit organisation that is part of ISEG (Lisbon School of Economics and Management) at the Universidade de Lisboa and registered under corporate tax no. 503729604, undertakes economic, political, social and cultural research in the area of development studies, with an emphasis on countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. CEsA believes in the major importance of safeguarding the security, confidentiality and integrity of the personal data of its members (researchers and professors), subscribers and users, assuring that these will be used expressly for scientific research and distribution, not using these data for any other purpose or transferring them to third parties. The same is the case with the events it advertises when these are subject to information collection for subscription management purposes and CEsA guarantees that these data are not transferred to or used by third parties. CEsA processes only the minimum of data required for the intended purposes.


Picture and sound recording

CEsA reserves the right to make and keep picture, sound and voice records during its activities and events for the purpose of scientific dissemination, knowledge sharing and maintaining its activity, unless expressly indicated otherwise.

Guests at events are informed beforehand if the event is subject to this procedure and they may give their consent (or not) for the lectures to be made publicly available (on digital platforms).

The pictures and sounds used are exclusively recorded and processed by CEsA and are intended exclusively for scientific publication.


Data processing

Our Privacy Policy defines the terms and conditions of use and tells you about the measures adopted with regard to the use, processing and storage of your personal data, safeguarding your right to privacy and with the sole aim of facilitating the relationship between CEsA and its users.

When data subjects provide their data to CEsA, they acknowledge and consent to these being processed according to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

The data are stored only for the time necessary for the intended purpose and are strictly managed by the institution.



The CEsA website (as well as the Development Studies website) is hosted in the domain of the Lisbon School of Economics and Management, at Universidade de Lisboa. The entire content of the website (images, texts, news, photos, articles, e-books and graphics) are the responsibility of CEsA.

Any content accessed via links provided by other websites is the exclusive responsibility of the entities managing these websites. CEsA may not be held liable for the accuracy and updating of this information.

The website is a relevant instrument for CEsA to make scientific information available to its audience, issue communiqués and inform civil society about what it does in the science area under the scope of Development Studies, as well as other duties, such as acting as a repository of scientific articles and related audiovisual documentation, with authorship being duly accredited and in compliance with the provisions of the Portuguese Code of Copyright and Related Rights.



Access to our page may involve the use of cookies.

The use of cookies makes it possible to store information on website browsing but does not allow users or their personal data to be identified.

Refusal to accept this function will not prevent correct viewing of our website, so users can choose not to receive cookies and configure their browsers accordingly. For further information, go to the “Help” section of your browser or visit this website to find out more.


Usage metrics

The CEsA website uses Google Analytics, a metrics analysis tool from Google Inc. CEsA uses Google Analytics as an IP anonymisation resource.

This information is only used to assess the use of the website in order to compile reports on website activities for the sole purpose of improving the user experience. Even so, if you still wish to visit our website without any record of this, you can enable this option. Learn how here.



CEsA has a weekly newsletter, Agenda CEsA, which publishes periodic information about the events organised by CEsA, as well as other relevant scientific information. The Agenda CEsA newsletter is designed to publicise the scientific research done at the centre in order to facilitate user access to this information. The collection of information via the newsletter is only for subscription purposes.

CEsA uses Mailchimp to send its weekly newsletter. Mailchimp is an e-mail automation tool. Before subscribing to our newsletter, we advise you to read the privacy policy for this service here.

CEsA does not carry out any processing or transfer any of the personal data provided in this way, their use being strictly reserved for publishing the newsletter and anonymous monitoring of the number of accesses in order to be able to improve the user experience.

Users may update or cancel their newsletter subscription at any time.

Subscribers can also adhere to our campaigns anonymously, not providing any identification (name or surname) with their e-mail address, thus preserving their privacy.

The use of the contact information is exclusively restricted to the defined purposes of scientific dissemination by the study centre, with an assurance that these will never be shared with third parties for purposes other than those initially established.


Contact methods and forms

The CEsA website gives users an opportunity to get in touch with us via a form for issues related to the website, at

The means of contact are aimed exclusively at facilitating communication with users. None of the information provided by users will be used for other purposes or transferred to third parties.

The data collected in the website forms and via registration forms for events that are available on our website are exclusively for the purpose of processing the user requests and publicising scientific events and will be deleted after use.

CEsA does not use your personal data for any purposes other than those expressly stated in this document.

The personal data collected by Google components (Google Form, etc.) are governed by Google’s privacy policy.

CEsA does not use addresses that do not end with or The address is used only for editing/using the Google forms. It is governed by Google’s GDPR and does not automatically collect contact information.


Cancellation, portability and information requests

CEsA assures data subjects the right of access to their data, rectification, portability (within certain technical requirements), erasure, limitation or cancellation of data processing. These precautions are also assured offline.

CEsA has implemented a series of technical and organisational measures to assure the security and confidentiality of the personal data: physical security (through access control), logical separation of records, access password and access levels, firewalls, antivirus programs and data encryption.

Data subjects may consult, update, correct or eliminate their data at any time by sending this request to, indicating the data they wish to have eliminated, corrected, revised or maintained.

In the event of non-compliance with our privacy policy, data subjects may contact the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD) at

CEsA reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and without any prior notice. We therefore recommend checking this page regularly.

For further information on the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy and Personal Data Processing, please send your questions to: Centro de Estudos sobre África e Desenvolvimento (CEsA), Rua Miguel Lupi, nº 20, 1249-078 Lisboa, Portugal, or to

This privacy policy was created on 24 May 2018 (updated in 2022).

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