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Governing Bodies

Get to know the governing bodies of the Centre for African and Development Studies for the 2023 – 2025 term.


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Director: Eduardo Moraes Sarmento
Sub-Director: Jessica Falconi
Sub-Director: Alexandre Abreu



President: Carlos Sangreman
First Secretary: Ana Mafalda Leite
Second Secretary: Joana Pereira Leite



President: Vítor Magriço
First Secretary: Elsa Fontainha
Second Secretary: Ana Sofia Ganho



Adélcia Fonseca (



Marianna Rios (



Formation of the Bodies

Statutes of the Centre for African and Development Studies – Article 10

1 – The bodies of the Association are
a) Assembly;
b) Board;
c) Fiscal Council.

2 – The election of the Board, the Fiscal Council, and the Board of the General Assembly is carried out at the General Assembly by secret ballot, through lists with specified positions or, in the absence of those, single-nominal candidates.

3 – The Chairman of the Board, the Chairman of the Board of the General Assembly and the Chairman of the Fiscal Council shall be ISEG faculty members; the majority of the members of the statutory bodies shall be ISEG faculty members.

4 – The term of office of the members of the association bodies shall be two years, re-election being always allowed and the positions shall remain in force until the new elected members take office.

5 – The mandates of the various corporate bodies shall start immediately after the closing of the General Meeting at which they were elected.

6 – The deliberations of the governing bodies shall be initiated by a majority vote of their members, except when the Law or regulations require a higher majority.

7 – The functions assumed in the social bodies are not remunerated.


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