Researchers’ Projects

Here you can find our researchers’ ongoing and past projects. These are any projects where our researchers have roles, in and outside of CEsA.




Ongoing Research Projects

Developing a framework for Economic Bay Areas
Coordinator: Prof. Enrique Martínez-Galán (University of Macau and CESA/CSG/ISEG/ULisboa)

DiSSCo: Distributed System of Scientific Collections
Member: Prof. Elsa Fontainha (ISA/ULisboa and CEsA/CSG/ISEG/ULisboa)

Africans and Maghrebis in the Iberian Peninsula (1850-1975). A history on the margins of Spain and Portugal
Consultant researcher: Jessica Falconi (CEsA/CSG/ISEG/ULisboa)

Observatório dos Direitos Humanos III (Guiné-Bissau)
Responsible researcher: Prof. Carlos Sangreman (CEsA/CSG/ISEG/ULisboa)

A Rota do Escravo – História e Memória de África
Responsible researcher: Prof. Isabel Castro Henriques (CESA/CSG/ISEG/ULisboa)

Memórias de África e do Oriente
Responsible researcher: Prof. Carlos Sangreman (CESA/CSG/ISEG/ULisboa)




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