Working Paper CEsA 195/2023 studies violent extremism

Working Paper CEsA 195/2023 studies how violent extremism affects the ethnic identity of people in Mali


CEsA published its eighth Working Paper in 2023: “How Does Violent Extremism Influence Ethnic Identities? A Preparatory Study Of Mali”, in English, authored by Shigeyuki Hanaoka, CEsA Research Fellow.

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How does violent extremism (VE) impact individuals’ ethnic identities? While there is a broad body of research on VE, which has seen significant growth in Africa in recent years, including assessments of its origins, the coalescence of various movements, and military operations against VE, research on its impact on ethnic identity and its associated political behaviours remains limited. This work serves as a preparatory study to examine how people’s perceptions, and political behaviours related to ethnic identity have evolved during the period of VE’s substantial expansion in Mali in recent years.


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