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Did you miss a session? Watch the 2024 Development Studies Seminars’ presentations

The 2024 Development Studies Serminars’ sessions took place from February 29th to May 29th, 2024 at ISEG. Some presentations were authorised and recorded, and are now available on the CEsA YouTube channel, in the playlist “Seminários de Estudos de Desenvolvimento 2024” (access this link). Check them out:


“Capital Markets by Design? The rise of financial development planning in Southeast Asia”, Lena Rethel (University of Warwick), March 14, 2024. In English.


“Entre Comentário e Ativismo: A Perspetiva Ecocrítica na Literatura Africana”, Marta Banasiak (CEsA/CSG/ISEG/ULisboa), March 21, 2024. In Portuguese.


“Reimaginando a Superdiversidade Urbana: Questões metodológicas em foco”, Kamila Krakowska (Leiden University), April 18, 2024. In Portuguese.


“‘Life Writing’ e o Problema da Mediação na Historiografia Contemporânea Moçambicana”, Colin Darch (University of Cape Town), May 2, 2024. In Portuguese.


“Where do we go from here? Navigating Power Inequalities Between Development NGOs in the Aid System”, Nicola Banks (University of Manchester), May 16, 2024. In English.


Note: The recordings of the other sessions were not made available either because they did not have the permission of the speakers or because of technical constraints in capturing the videos.


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YouTube Playlist: “Seminários de Estudos de Desenvolvimento 2024”

Development Studies Seminars will kick off on February 29 at ISEG with a series of 10 sessions of presentations by guest researchers


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E-book In Progress 3

This third edition of In Progress, Seminar on Social Sciences and Development in Africa brings together works by researchers and postgraduate students whose study and research theme is contemporary Africa and its development, supported by scientific currents that stimulate new approaches beyond the “development”, exploring the notions of “well-being” or “good living” and remaining close to currents of thought and debates between Africa, Asia and Latin America. The texts include themes such as: fieldwork: practical, theoretical and methodological issues; politics, civil society dynamics, development; culture, thought and change; strategies for cooperation and development; and populations, mobility and well-being. The second part of this work contains the reflections of the speakers invited to the In Progress 3 seminar, which include both a critical perspective on the dominant discourses and methodologies in the field of development policies linked to mobilities, economy and identities, as well as the contribution of financial growth for economic growth and several of the issues to be taken into account in discussions on economic sustainability, taking the example of SADC member countries. The final conference refers to the times and questions that are important to retain and what is important to reflect on in the context of social and human sciences, in particular, when the debate is about the (neo)colonial perspective and contemporary global challenges for African Studies.

International Colloquium “O Português e as Línguas Nacionais nos Países Africanos e em Portugal (1975-2025). Meio Século do 25 de Abril em Portugal e da Independência das ex-Colónias Africanas”

The International Colloquium “O Português e as Línguas Nacionais nos Países Africanos e em Portugal (1975-2025). Meio Século do 25 de Abril em Portugal e da Independência das ex-Colónias Africanas”, which will take place from July 2 to 4, 2025, at the University of Évora, is now open for abstract submissions until December 29, 2024. More information can be found on the colloquium’s website:

CEsA History Website and Brochure

The moment of celebrating 40 years of the foundation of CEsA, and 30 years of the creation of ISEG’s Masters in Development and International Cooperation, offers us a unique opportunity to remember the trajectory and legacy in the field of research in Portugal, with the launch of a website and a brochure on the history of CEsA:

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