Observatory of Rights, Guinea-Bissau


This action intends to contribute to develop a human rights culture and citizen action in Guinea-Bissau, within a context of rights deprivation in all dimensions (social, political, economical, cultural and environmental). This should be reflected in the access to information (qualitatively and quantitatively) that allows Civil Society Organizations (CSO) to monitor rights.


- creation of a Observatory of Rights in Guinea-Bissau;
- Organization of advocacy and awareness campaigns by Liga Guineense dos Direitos Humanos (LGDH) and other CSO, targeting power, public institutions and general population;
- Strengthening institutional capacity of LGDH and other CSO that work on human rights issues.


União Europeia

Camões - Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua


Associação para a Cooperação Entre os Povos (ACEP)

Liga Guineense dos Direitos Humanos (LGDH)

  • Bubacar Ture (LGDH)
  • Carlos Sangreman (CEsA/ISEG-UL)
  • Fátima Proença (ACEP)
  • Luís Vaz Martins (LGDH)
  • Pedro Rosa Mendes (CEsA/ISEG-UL)
  • Yasmine Cabral (LGDH)