2nd Meeting of Young Lusophone Commonwealth Researchers

2nd Meeting of Young Lusophone Commonwealth Researchers on Africa 2022 is open for registrations

CEsA (CSG/ISEG/ULisboa) will hold between the 25th and 27th of May 2022, at the Lisbon School of Economics and Management (ISEG/ULisboa), in Lisbon, the II Encontro de Jovens Investigadores da CPLP sobre África 2022 (2nd Meeting of Young Lusophone Commonwealth Researchers on Africa 2022). The 2nd edition of the Meeting has already announced the program (click HERE) and registration is open (register HERE). The event will take place in a hybrid format (in person at ISEG, in Lisbon, and online), with free admission and in Portuguese.

About the event

In this 2nd year, the II EJICPLP on Africa consolidates itself as a space for the promotion and dissemination of works of young researchers in the field of African Studies in Portuguese Language to discuss science in a multidisciplinary perspective on Africa.

Celebrating the International Day of Africa, which is celebrated on May 25th, the 2nd edition of the Meeting has INNOVATION as its theme, with the aim of discussing the role of science in innovation in Africa. It aims to deepen and know to what extent scientific research on Africa has produced or brought innovation to the African continent, as well as discuss the possible need to reformulate issues and methodologies of scientific research, in an innovative and pragmatic perspective, which allows the appropriation of the results of these studies in the daily lives of African societies.

About the programme

The programme has two daily moments, being the mornings dedicated to renowned specialists in the geographies where Portuguese is spoken, in a debate of ideas at the highest level and the afternoons dedicated to the presentation of scientific papers by researchers from the various countries of the CPLP giving voice and promoting new research studies.

We highlight the presence of distinct personalities from across the CPLP, such as Filomeno Forte (Angola), Marina Alkatir (East Timor), Leila Leite Hernandéz (Brazil), Miguel de Barros (Guinea Bissau), Fernando Jorge Cardoso (Portugal) and Isabel Castro Henriques (Portugal), among several others, reinforcing the principles of diversity, inclusion and representativeness of all Portuguese-speaking countries.

The topics under analysis are multidisciplinary and address issues such as: Empowerment of African women (25 May); Bringing scientific research closer to the agenda of political decision-makers (25 May); Financial and energy innovation in research in Africa (26 May); Innovation with tradition (26 May); and the scientific framework of the African Lisbon Route (27 May).

Watch the promotional video below (in Portuguese):

2nd Meeting of Young Lusophone Commonwealth Researchers on Africa 2022
May 25, 26 and 27, 2022, at ISEG/ULisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
Hybrid format (in person and online)
Free admission upon registration.
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