Conceição Lima

Conceição Lima is a poet and journalist from São Tomé. She studied journalism in Portugal and worked for radio, TV and press in São Tomé and Principe. In 1993 she founded the independent magazine O País Hoje. She was its editor-in-chief for the whole time of its existence. She has a degree in Afro-Portuguese and Brazilian Studies by King's College, London. She was a producer of the BBC Service in Portuguese. Lima lives and works as a journalist in her home country. Her poems were published in journals, magazines and anthologies in many countries. She published three poetry books: O Útero da Casa (The Uterus of the Home, 2004), A Dolorosa Raiz do Micondó (The Painful Root of Micondó, 2006) and O País do Akendenguê (The Country of Akendenguê, 2011).


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