Literature Archive

The objective of this research project, as well as of the previous one (NNPC), emerged from a clear and structural desire to understand the articulation of the concepts of nation, narrative and identity in the daily life experience of authors, producers and critics of the literatures from the Portuguese-speaking African countries. The observation and the comprehension of other realitites and other literatures, as the bearers of their own identity and cultural carthographies (PADILHA, 2005), cannot be supported by a unilateral vision and be resistant to the existence of a diversity of narratives which weave - in the rythm of their histories and local dynamisms - different ways of looking, interpreting and writing, fictionally and poetically, their nations and the identity visions of their social, cultural and political universes. Therefore, one of the main tasks of the projects was to gather testimonies of the literature creators in the form of interview, a more and more central tool among the ones used by the social and human sciences, which acts as a contact point between different methodologies and disciplines and, in consequence, becomes a transdisciplinary practice per se.  While the usage of the interview in the domain of literature is frequent, opening a different way of access to the writer and their production, its use brings also other implications, since it is related to a broader question of the construction of sources and archives. Reflecting the "desire" to create the archive of the thought, the literary work and the author, the section Literature Archive presents the biographical notes and the list of works of the writers interviewed within the scope of the projects NEVIS and NNPC.