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Albertino Bragança

Albertino Bragança, writer and politician from São Tomé, was born in 1944. He got his degree in Electrotechnical Engineering at Coimbra University. In 1975 he moved back to his home country and since then carried various public duties. He was Minister of Defense and Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is as well one of the founding members of the National Union of Writers and Artists of São Tome and Príncipe. His literary work contains of three books: Rosa de Riboque e Outros Contos (Rose from Riboque and Other Stories, 1985), Um Clarão Sobre a Baía (A Flash Over the Bay, 2004) and Aurélia de Vento (Aurélia Made of Wind, 2011). In 2005 he published an ethnographic work A Música Popular Santomense (The Popular Music of São Tomé).



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