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Oswaldo Osório

Oswaldo Osório is a literary pseudonym of Osváldo Alcântara Medina Custódio, Capeverdean writer and poet who was born in 1937 in Mindelo, São Vicente Island. Along his literary activity, he performed many different professional duties. He was the president of Syndicate Union and, in the area of culture, he was the director of the cultural journal Seló of which he was one of the co-funders. Due to his political activity during the Salazar regime in Portugal, he was imprisoned twice. His poems were published in many anthologies in Cape Verde and abroad. Among his work one can find Caboverdeamadamente Construção Meu Amor (Caboverdeamadamente Construction My Love 1975), O Cântico do Habitante: precedido de 2 gestas (The Song of the Inhabitant: Preceded by 2 Epic Poems 1977), Clar(a)idade assombrada (Clarity/Clear Age In Shadow 1987), Os Loucos Poemas de Amor e Outras Estações (The Crazy Love Poems and Other Seasons 1996), Sexagésima Sétima Curvatura (Sixty Seventh Curvature 2008).


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