Aíto Bonfim

Ângelo (Aíto) de Jesus Bonfim is a lawyer, with a degree in Law by the Lisbon Classical University in 1982. In Portugal he also obtained a judicial training at the Centre for Judicial Studies in Lisbon. Currently, he works as a lawyer in São Tomé and in the period of 2001 to 2011 he was the legal counselor of the President of the Republic Fradique de Menezes. In this capacity, he participated in the negotiations related to the perspectives of oil extraction. As a writer, Aíto Bonfim published plays, prose and poetry, openly assuming that the main theme of his work is the criticism of the African political power in the post-independence period. His play Berlinização ou partilha de África was banned by the regime of one-party state at the time of its publication. He published the following booksBerlinização ou partilha de África (Berlinization, or the partition of Africa, 1987), O Suicídio Cultural (The Cultural Suicide, 1992), O Golpe: Uma Autópsia (The Coup: An Autopsy, 1996), Aspiração (Aspiration, 2002), A Lágrima Áurea do Mal (The Golden Tear of the Evil, 2011).



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