Tony Tcheka

Tony Tcheka (António Soares Lopes Júnior) born on 21st of December 1951 in Bissau is a Guinean journalist and writer, considered to be one of the most important names of Guinean literature. He is one of the founder members of National Union of Artists and Writers of Guinea-Bissau and his poems were published in many anthologies in Guinea, Brazil and Europe. As a journalist he worked for the RDN – National Radio of Guinea-Bissau, was editor-in-chief of a newspaper “Nô Pintcha” and a founder of its cultural and literary supplement “Bantabá”. As an analyst and correspondent Tcheka collaborated with BBC, Voz da América, Voz da Alemanha, Tanjug, and in Portugal, with Público, press agency ANOP, RTP-África and TSF. He published two books of poems: Noites de Insónia na Terra Adormecida (Nights of Insomnia in the Sleeping Land,1996) and Guiné Sabura Que Doi (Guinea Beauty That Hurts, 2008).


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