Flora Gomes

Flora Gomes (1949) is a film director from Guinea-Bissau and one of the most important African filmmakers. He studied cinema in the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts. In the 70's, he colaborated with various directors like Sérgio Pina, Chris Marker and Anita Fernandes and worked on historical documentaries. In 1987, he released his first feature film Mortu Nega, which is about the fight for independence. The film has been shown on many film festivals around the world and Gomes became to be widely known. In 2000, in France he was honoured with Chevalier des Arts et Lettres title. Till the day he has released the following films:

O Regresso de Cabral (1996, short doc., with Sana Na N'Hada) 

A Reconstrução  (1977, doc., with Sérgio Pina)

Anos no Oça Luta (1978, short doc., with Sérgio Pina e Sana Na N'Hada)

Mortu Nega (1987, feature film)

Os Olhos Azuis de Yonta (Udju Azul di Yonta, 1992, feature film)

A Máscara (1994, short doc.)

Po di Sangui (1996, feature film)

Nha Fala (2002, feature film)

As Duas Faces da Guerra, ( 2007, doc., with Diana Andringa)

Republica di Mininus (2013, feature film)





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