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Sana Na N'Hada

Sana Na N'Hada  is a film director from Guinea-Bissau. He studied cinema in the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts. After returning to his homeland, he directed documentary films and, in 1979, he became the director of National Institute of Cinema of Guiné-Bissau. Since the 70's, he works with many directors including Flora Gomes and Chris Marker. In 1978 he directed his first short film The Days of Ancono. Xime, his first feature film was released in 1994. In 2005 he released documentary Bissau d'Isabel that won Prémio Revelação (RTP África) at the 2005 Festival Imagens in Cape Verde.

His work contains of following films:


O regresso de Cabral (1976, short doc., with Flora Gomes)

Anos no oça luta (1976, short doc., with Flora Gomes )

Os dias de Ancono (1979, short doc.)

Fanado (1984, short film )

Xime (1994, feature film),

Bissau d'Isabel (2005, doc.)

Kadjike (2013, feature film) 


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