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Leão Lopes

Leão Lopes  is an intellectual, artist (a degree in painting by Superior School of Fine Arts in Lisbon), script-writer, film director and university professor (PhD. by University of Rennes). Founder of M_EIA, University Institute of Arts, Technology and Culture in Mindelo. He published many works in the field of Capeverdian culture and identity. Among many essays published all over the world, his biography of Baltasar Lopes Baltasar Lopes: um homem arquipélago na linha de todas as batalhas (2011) is to be mentioned. Co-founder of the journal Ponto & Virgula and its editor between 1983-87, he developed many projects in the area of education, arts, graphic design, etc. As an social activist, he participates in various development activities, especially on São Vicente and Santo Antão islands. He is founder of the NGO Atelier Mar (1979) and held many political positions as a deputy, Minister of Culture and Communication and member of Republic Presidential Council. As a film director, he is the author of the first Capeverdian feature film. Till the day he released the following films:


O Ilhéu de Contenda (feature film, 1995)

Bitú (2007, doc.)

São Tomé – Os Últimos Contratados (2009, doc.)

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