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António Ole

António Ole, an Angolan painter, photographer and film director, was born in Luanda in 1951. He got his degree in cinema from American Film Institute, Los Angeles, in 1975 and in the 80's he studied Afro-American Culture and Cinema at the University of California (UCLA) with a scholarship from Gulf Foundation. His films tackle mainly issues such as colonization, civil war and social problems of contemporary Angola. In fine arts, he dedicates himself to modern painting in which he incorporates some traditional Angolan elements. Ole is one of the most appreciated Angolan artists, with expositions all around the globe. In his filmography the following films are to be mentioned: Os Ferroviários (The Railway's Workers, 1975), Aprender (To Learn, 1976), O Ritmo dos Ngola Ritmos (The Rhythm of Ngola Ritmos, 1978), Carnaval da Vitória (Carnival of Victory 1978), Sonangol: 10 Anos Mais Forte (Sonangol: 10 Years Stronger, 1986).



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