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Júlio Silvão Tavares


Júlio Silvão Tavares is a film director and producer. He lives and works in the city of Praia, Santiago Island. In 1993, he started producing and directing the cultural show DRAGOEIRO, running fortnightly for three years. Currently, he does not collaborate with the national television. In 2004, he funded the Film Production and Direction company Silvão – Produção, Filmes. In 2005, he directed his first documentary Batuque, a Alma de um Povo (Batuque, the Soul of the People). He runs the project Cinema Aberta, a joint initiative of Silvão – Produções, Filmes and Centro Cultural Francês, which organizes screenings of films produced in or about Cape Verde by Cape Verdian and foreign producers and filmmakers. The screenings, on big screens, take place in public spaces in different towns and villages and are free of charge. His documentary Eugénio Tavares, Coração Crioulo (Eugénio Tavares, Creole Heart) was the only Cape Verdian project selected for the funding in the first edition of the competition DOC-TV CPLP.


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