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Isabel Noronha

Isabel Noronha is one of the first female cinema directors in Mozambique. She was born in Maputo in 1964. In 1984, she joined the National Institute of Cinema. She is a founding member of the Video Independent Company (Coopimagem) and of Mozambican Association of Filmmakers. She has a degree in Clinical Psychology (ISPU, Mozambique) and a Master's Degree in Mental Health and Social Clinic (University of Leon, Spain). As a film director, she worked on the following documentaries: Assim na cidade (As in Town, 1992), Sonhos guardados (Kept Dreams, 2004) and Ngwenya, o crocodilo (Ngwenya the Alligator, 2007), which won the best documentary of Africa, Asia and Latin America prize in the Film Festival of Milan, Italy. These documentaries are about the construction of a social identity of the Mozambican society. In 2008, she started a series of movies with social themes: Trilogia das Novas Famílias (Trilogy of the New Families), which won the Kuxa-Kanema Prize as the best Mozambican movie of 2007. Since 2008, she has been collaborating with Vivian Altman (director and animator) in a research on a film style mixing documentary and animation in order not to expose the image of the characters in the documentaries. As a result, she produced Mãe dos Netos (The mother of the Grandchildren, 2008), Salani (2010) and Meninos de Parte Nenhuma (Children of Nowhere, 2011). In 2010, she produced Maciene, para além do sonho (Maciene, Beyond the Dream), a documentary about a community project of crafts production using natural resources. In 2011, she co-directed with Vivian Altman (Brasil), Firouzeh Khosrovani (Iran) and Irene Cardona (Spain) the movie Espelho Meu (My mirror), a documentary/animation movie about the self portrait of women in different cultures in 4 continents, which won awards in the festivals DocumentaMadrid 2011 and Mujerdoc 2012.

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