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Camilo de Sousa

Camilo de Sousa is a Mozambican cinema producer and director. He was born in Lourenço Marques (Maputo) in 1953. His interest in photography and graphical arts started in 1968. Further on he worked as a journalist and photographer of the daily newspaper “O Jornal”. After the Independence (1975), he worked in several social projects in the province of Cabo Delgado where he created the first network of civil correspondents of information, taking the mobile cinema to all districts and villages. In 1980, he joined the National Institute of Cinema and worked until 1991 as a film director, editor, production director and finally as General Production Director. In 1992, he was one of the founding members of the production company Coopimagem. In 2001, he joined Ébano Multimedia where he works as a film producer and director. He is a member and vice-president of the Mozambican Association of Filmmakers (created in 2003). He produced several documentaries and short-movies.


O Tempo dos Leopardos – feature film, ficção, Mozambique/Yugoslavia (2nd team director)

Sons da Minha Alma – docu-drama TV Communication – Norway.

Ofensiva, doc., 16 mm p/b, Mozambique.

Operação Leopardo, doc., 16 mm p/b, Mozambique.

Ibo, O Sangue do Silêncio, doc., 16 mm p/b, Mozambique.

Sahara, Agonia De Um Rei Fantoche, doc., 16 mm p/b, Mozambique.

Cinco Tiros de Mauser , war doc, 16 mm p/b, Mozambique.

Uma vez às 7.30 horas 16mm p/b Mozambique

A Terceira Margem do N’Komati, doc., 16 mm p/b, Mozambique.

Não Mataram o Sonho de Patrício, doc., 16 mm p/b, Mozambique.

Kuxa Kanema (Jornal de Actualidades) 52 vol., 16 mm p/b, Mozambique.

Génesis em Azul, doc., U-matic, Mozambique.

O Código do Silêncio - o aborto clandestino, doc., U-matic, Mozambique.

The Seeds of Dead, doc., Betacam SP, ACNUR, Mozambique.

A Ponte Para A Vida, doc., Betacam SP, Moçambique/ Swedish TV.

Sítios Sentinela, doc., Betacam SP, UNICEF, Mozambique.

Velha Ilha Nova Esperança, doc., Betacam SP, UNDP/UNESCO.

Ondas Comunitárias, doc., Betacam SP, Mozambique.

Comunidade no Feminino, doc., Betacam SP, Mozambique., doc., Betacam SP, Mozambique

JUNOD, doc., Betacam SP, Mozambique

Fronteira de Amor e Ódio, doc., DVCAM, 2009, Mozambique

Na Dobra da Capulana, with Isabel Noronha, documentário, 2014, Moçambique




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