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Margarida Cardoso

Margarida Cardoso, a Portuguese film director, was born in Tomar in 1963 and grew up in Mozambique. She studied Photography, Image and Audiovisual Communication at the António Arroio School of Arts, Lisbon. Between 1985 and 1995, she worked as an assistant director for more than 50 films in Portugal and abroad. Since 2004, she is professor of Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication at Lusofona University in Lisbon. In 1995, she started directing her own films that explore subjects which cross her personal history experiences and prominent issues in recent Portuguese history, such as, the colonial war in Africa, the revolution, and the post-colonialism years. In her filmography films as Natal 71/Christmas 71, Kuxa Kanema -The Birth of Cinema, The Murmuring Coast and Yvone Kane are to be mentioned. Her curriculum and full filmography can be found here



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