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Fernando Vendrell

Fernando Vendrell is a Portuguese film director and producer born in Lisbon in 1962. He got his degree in cinema from Superior Institute of Theater and Cinema in Lisbon (1985) and during many years worked as an assistant with many great Portuguese directors, among which Manoel de Oliveira and César Monteiro. In 1992, he founded cinema company David & Golias. He produced Fernando Trueba's Belle Epoque which won Oscar for The Best Foreign Film in 1994 and Zézé Gamboa's films O Herói (2004) e O Grande Kilapy (2012). He directed Fintar o Destino (1998, Cheat On the Destiny), O Jogo da Glória (2001, Game Of Glory), O Gotejar da Luz (2002, Dripping Of the Light), Pele (2005, Skin), Pedro Canhestros (2013) and short films 14 de Fevereiro (2002, 14th of February), Almirante Reis (2002), As Minhas Férias (2004, My Holidays).

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