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Vítor Magriço

Lições de macroeconomia: uma introdução


The book that is now being published, in the form of lessons in macroeconomics, is the result of 3 years of work in teaching the discipline of Economics II, of the degrees in Economics, Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management and General Studies, at the Instituto Superior of Economics and Management at the University of Lisbon. These Macroeconomics Lessons are the result of a pedagogical experience of teaching an introductory-level subject and the objective is to facilitate the transmission of knowledge in a subject that is nonetheless complex, but which is indispensable in the training of any economist or manager. The approach presented in this book reflects three methodological options that aim to make it more attractive and user-friendly for its readers. The first is the search for the greatest possible clarity and simplification in the presentation of concepts and theories. The second is the purpose of making the distinction between the model of reality and reality understood. The third is the inclusion of the Portuguese economic reality in virtually all chapters, either as a reference for the discussion of concepts, which acquire a concrete and quantified dimension in this way, or as a specific object of macroeconomic analysis. Aimed primarily at students starting their university education, these Lessons do not fail to go further in dealing with the issues, and may be useful to all those who, regardless of their motives, wish to acquire an introductory vision of contemporary macroeconomic analysis.


Mendonça, António (Coordenador) e Vitor Magriço … [et al.] .(2021) . “Lições de macroeconomia: uma introdução”. Edições Silabo, Lisboa: p. 451.

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