Brief biography

    PhD in Romanic Studies, in the field of Literature and Culture Studies, specialty in African Studies, Universidade de Lisboa (Funded by FCT). Master in Romance Studies, in the area of specialization in Brazilian and African Studies, Universidade de Lisboa (2nd cycle of Bologna). Title of the dissertation: "The Poetics of Eduardo White (2007-2009)". Annual Course of Portuguese Language and Culture, Universidade de Lisboa (2005-2006). Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature (Portuguese, Spanish and English) - (1st cycle of Bologna) - Facoltá di Lingue and Letterature Straniere, Universitá di Pisa (2001-2005). Erasmus Program, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2003-2004). She is a member of the CEsA and a research fellowship of the NILUS - Narratives of the Indian Ocean in Lusophone Space, funded by FCT (PTDC / CPC-ELT / 4868/2014).