I have an International Ph.D., with an Extraordinary Doctorate Award and an Honourable Mention (“Sobresaliente, Cum Laude”), in the field of knowledge of Society and Behaviour. The core of the research is related to the International Cooperation between Europe and Africa concerning higher education and the economic impacts that it might produce in regional and national development. I also have a Master Degree in Public Management, in the field of Business Management, with a specialisation in Human Resources Management. Last but not least, I have a University Degree in Public Administration with a specialisation in Political Sciences. It is oriented to the management of public services, considering the customer satisfaction, the organization of the institution and/or company as well as the budgetary and financial management of public institutions. I have experience as Project Manager with main functions in the field of financial management, administration and promotion of Intellectual Property and Innovation. Concerning the HRM I have the responsibility of management and control of staff internal processes, the analysis of applications through pre-established requirements as well as monitoring the integration of new employees. I also have experience as teacher in several different areas related to organisational management, human resource management as well as new technologies and quality management.