Brief Biography

Ph.D.(2003) in Interdisciplinary African Studies in Social Sciences with the dissertation Estratégias de Sobrevivência e Reprodução Social de Famílias na Periferia de Maputo (ISCTE-IUL). Master's Degree (1995) in African Studies, specializing in Economic and Social Development in Africa: analysis and management, with the dissertation Estudo de Famílias Deslocadas na Cidade de Maputo: análise das relações e comportamentos sócio-económicos (ISCTE-IUL). Degree in Anthropology (1998), with the dissertation A introdução do Colonialismo Moderno em Moçambique (UNL, 1988). Between 2008 and 2013 she was an assistant researcher at the Center for African Studies (CEA-IUL) of the University Institute of Lisbon and director of the international scientific journal Cadernos de Estudos Africanos. She collaborates as a professor in the Master's Degree in Community Development at ISPA-Instituto Superior de Applied Psychology, in the Masters in Management and Planning of Informal Settlements, at the Faculty of Architecture and Physical Planning / Eduardo Mondlane University and is a trainer within the scope of DECODE - Cooperation for Development - INA (National Statistics Institute). It also carries out advisory activities in various areas of development and is currently conducting research for UNICEF on Child Development in Mozambique.