Making a New History of Cape Verdean Currency


This project aims to build a History of Currency in Cape Verde, from settlement to the present, reflecting not only on the dynamics of the monetary phenomenon itself, but also on the political and social context, the institutional creation, the economical context and the international framework. On the other hand, the project aims to use the process of research to accomplish other objectives, important themselves, but also as a resource available to research in the future. These specific objectives include organization and systematization of the existing primary sources in Portuguese and Cape Verdean files, the building of statistics series based on primary sources that are not available to the general public and the production of working documents. With these documents, the project seeks to contribute to the enrichment of "research resources" available in the Bank of Cape Verde, as a support tool to development of scientific research in the field of economics and, in particular, in the monetary and financial areas.


The expected project results are:

a) Edition of the book “History of Cape Verdean Currency” that will present a new and comprehensive perspective of monetary phenomenon in Cape Verde, since settlement to the present, including a story of currency evolution and its structure and function, as well as its role in Cape Verdean development process;

b) Edition of the statistical document “Monetary and Financial Series of Cape Verdian Economy” that will include, as a partial result, a set of chronological series of Cape Verdean economy, mainly on monetary and financial areas, since the very beginning of Banco Nacional Ultramarino. The document will include a methodological introduction and comprehensive references of primary resources, namely its present location;

c) Edition of the bibliographical document “Bibliographical Sources of Cape Verdean Monetary History” that will gather the main sources available on Cape Verdean monetary and financial studies.


- Banco de Cabo Verde [Cape Verde Bank]


- Banco de Cabo Verde [Cape Verde Bank]

Research Team
  • Prof. Dr. João Estêvão (CEsA/ISEG/UL), Principal Researcher
  • Msc Suzana Andrade (ISEG/UL)
  • Msc Cilénia Borges (ISCTE-IUL)