Development Cooperation Dictionary


This project aims to create a dictionary, with topics such as:

  • Theoretical approaches;
  • Concepts;
  • Programs and projects;
  • Actors in the "field";
  • Specialized international agencies
  • Research and Education, etc..

This dictionary does not intend to have the structure of a so-called "classic" dictionary, nor a glossary but rather to be a dictionary composed of small scientific articles on the areas of Portuguese Development Cooperation that can be used by public and private actors in the field.


The expected results are composed by two main products well-defined: a online dictionary available in CEsA website; and a book with authored-articles.


We will invite researchers and professors of other universities that work in Development Cooperation field, as University of Aveiro, Agronomy High Institute, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, ISCTE, etc.., to collaborate as Scientific Committee and other experts as authors.

Research Team
  • Prof. Dr. Carlos Sangreman (CEsA/ISEG-UL)
  • Prof. Dr. João Estêvão (CEsA/ISEG-UL)