COM.INT Communication in non profit organizations


Within the implementation of the Mechanism of Support to Project Planning in Development Cooperation, it has been observed that in many cases, the Portuguese NGDO face constraints in the presentation and dissemination of their work to potential funders and partners outside the traditional scope of its intervention - PALOP and CPLP. Thus, taking into account that one of the basic assumptions of access to international funding is the ability to communicate appropriately and attractive manner, said mechanism, proposed to work with the NGO in order to strengthen its communication tools designed to contexts no Portuguese language, namely through the development of an instrument to show the organization in English which represents an added value, in terms of content and image.


Development, translation, graphic design and inclusion in the site, a brochure, with 5-10 pages in digital format for free access through the website organizations.


Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Fundação EDP
Fundação Luso-Americana
Fundação Portugal África


Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua

Research team
  • Prof. Dr. Carlos Sangreman (CEsA/ISEG/UTL), Principal Researcher
  • Dra. Ana Grave (UA)
  • Msc Ana Filipa Oliveira (CEsA/ISEG/UTL)
  • Msc Andreia Silva (UA)
  • Msc Jessica Santos (CEsA/ISEG/UTL)
  • Eng. Marcos Fernandes (Metatheke)
  • Msc Tânia Santos (CEsA/ISEG/UTL)