«The last 10-15 years has in many ways been a period of remarkable success for the actors, ideas and practices of South-South Cooperation. The number of Southern development partners has grown, and collectively they have increased significantly their development finances and programmes. They have consolidated and defended the claim to doing development differently; and they have achieved recognition as essential partners within the international development community. This expansionary phase of South-South Cooperation followed five decades of Third World-ist, socialist and non-aligned development solidarities, achievements and setbacks, which were largely peripheral to the hegemonic institutions and ideologies of mainstream 'international development’. In this seminar I will suggest that a third phase is now opening up in South-South Cooperation. Global factors are an important driver, particularly the end of the commodities super cycle and the contagion of the global financial crisis. So too are specific domestic issues, such as the risks presented by China’s debt, or Brazil’s economic and political crisis. Here though I will focus on the successes of the last decade as important drivers of change currently unfolding in SSC agendas, narratives, modalities and institutions. I suggest that South-South Cooperation in the decade ahead will be characterised by a more pragmatic, outcome-oriented narrative framing than in previous phases; will experience greater difficulty in maintaining claims to non-interference; and will generally show less ideational and operational distinction from more ‘established’ donors in what is a more polycentric development field.»


Emma Mawdsley

Lisbon 2017@CEsA/CSG/ISEG

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Emma Mawdsley is a Reader in Human Geography at the University of Cambridge, UK. Her early work was concerned with regional and environmental politics in India. For the last decade she has focused on South-South Cooperation, and she is the author of From Recipients to Donors (Zed: 2012). She is currently researching the ways in which the (so-called) established donors are re-engineering themselves in response to the profound shifts taking place domestically and internationally.