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CEsA Cv Alexandre Abreu - EN



Brief Biography

PhD in Economics, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Thesis title: Migration and Development in Contemporary Guinea-Bissau: a Political Economy Approach (2012). Master in International Development and Cooperation, Higher Institute of Economics and Management, Technical University of Lisbon. Title of the dissertation: International Migration and Sending Country Development: Impacts and Policies (2006). Degree in Economics, Higher Institute of Economics and Management, Technical University of Lisbon (2002). More than a decade of professional experience in research, teaching, consulting and government advisory services in Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Guinea-Bissau, Angola and Timor-Leste. Teaching experience at university level in Portugal, United Kingdom and Timor-Leste. Experience of coordinating research teams. In his latest publications, we referee the recently published article - together with D. Johnston - in the renowned African Affairs Magazine [Vol. 115 (460): 399-418], entitled "The Asset Debates: How (Not) to Use Asset Indices to Measure Well-Being and the Middle Class in Africa." Commentator by invitation on economic and African issues on the channels: Al Jazeera, SIC-Notícias, TVI-24, Channel Q and Antena 1.