Brief Biography

Poet and essayist. PhD in Portuguese Literature / African Literatures in Portuguese by FLUL (1989). Master in Brazilian and African Literature in Portuguese, by FLUL (1986). Degree in Romance Studies by FLUL (1978). Since 2005, she is member of CEsA. From 2007, she is a professor associated with the Faculty of Literature at the University of Lisbon. In her most recent research work, coordinated the project “Narrativas Escritas e Visuais da Nação Pós-colonial” (CESA-FCT: PTDC/CPC-ELT/4939/2012) [2013-2015] and, currently, coordinates the project "Narrativas do Oceano Índico no Espaço Lusófono" (PTDC/CPCELT/4868/2014). She presents a vast collection of published academic and poetry titles (cf. CV). Recently published, as editor, Narrating the Postcolonial Nation - Mapping Angola and Mozambique (Eds. Leite, Ana Mafalda / Owen, Hilary / Chaves, Rita / Apa, Livia). Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York: Peter Lang, 2014 (Translated by Luis R. Mitras); as authorship, the papers “A escrita Reinventando a História e a Nação", in Africanidades e Brasilidades: culturas e territorialidades (org . Jurema de Oliveira). Rio de Janeiro: Dialogarts, UERJ, 2015 (pp. 175-198) and "Perspectivas Teóricas e Críticas nas Literaturas Africanas e Perspectiva Pós-Colonial”, in Diadorim, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, 2016 (pp.142-149).