Sonia Pina

The workings and challenges of development finance institutions: the case of the Deutsche Investitions – und Entwicklungsgesellschaft (DEG)

The working paper CESA/CSG-ISEG nr. 184, by João Paiva-Silva, examines the workings of DEG – the German development finance institution – focusing on how this institution balances (and has historically balanced) its financial, developmental, and geopolitical/geoeconomics mandates.

Modern Intimacies and Modernist Landscapes: Chinese Photographs in Late-Colonial Mozambique

Authored by Lorenzo Macagno, the article addresses a specific aspect of the social and cultural life of the Portuguese-Chinese in Mozambique. The first contingents, coming from the Chinese province of Guangdong, began to arrive in that region of East Africa in the second half of the 19th century.

18th Doctor in Development Studies

Fabian Garzon Cuervo is the 18th Doctor in Development Studies at ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics & Management, Universidade de Lisboa, with his thesis defended today (22 June 2021), entitled “Economic Motivations to join Insurgencies in Colombia”, supervised by Professor Carlos Nuno Castel-Branco (CESA/ISEG-ULisboa) and approved with distinction by unanimous vote and praise (Cum Laude).

Congratulations Fabian Garzon-Cuervo!


Conversation “Territórios da Memória”

Territórios da Memória, a conversation between Isabel Castro Henriques, Cristina Roldão and Simone Amorim, with moderation by Inocência Mata, at Centro Cultural Cabo Verde, Saturday, dia 19, at 3:00 pm.

The conversation takes place within the scope of the AFRO-PORT project, coordinated by Professor Iolanda Évora, hosted by CESA – Centre African and Development Studies at ISEG.

The event will be broadcast online from @CCCV.PT (Facebook).

Unpacking bias: perspectives from neuroscience and social psychology

Will we act consciously in all situations? Will we act with racist or sexist prejudices without being aware of it?

At the invitation of the Champalimaud Foundation/Champalimaud Foundation, our researcher Iolanda Évora will talk about prejudice and social psychology.

Not to be missed next June 17th, at 9 pm, online.

1st Meeting of CPLP Young Researchers on Africa

The 1st Meeting of CPLP Young Researchers on Africa proposes to list a series of conversations with experts from the most diverse areas and to invite a group of young researchers with the global objective of promoting diversity and knowledge about Africa. The debate of ideas and scientific dissemination are at the heart of a living and constantly changing community. With this premise as a starting point, the Organizing Committee, with the institutional support of the Centre for African and Development Studies (CESA-ISEG), União de Cidades Capitais de Língua Portuguesa (UCCLA) and Lisbon School of Economics and Management (ISEG), came together to create a forum for unique debate in the Lusophony space.

The event takes place on the 8th and 9th of July 2021, anticipating the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the CPLP (July 17th, 1996).

Due to current restrictions and following the DGS rules, the event will have a mixed participation, online and in person. Online participation is open to everyone.

1st Day – 8 July 2021 ​ (UCCLA)

Time: 09:00 am Lisboa (CET)
ID: 81423185515

Time: 02:00 pm Lisboa (CET)
ID: 82543787779

2nd Day – 9 July 2021 (ISEG)

Time: 10:00 am – 06:00 pm Lisboa (CET)

Learn more on the guest program and register to receive information on the event here.

III Edition of the International Development Summer Course

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Portuguese Platform of Non-Governmental Development Organizations (NGDO) and the Centre for African and Development Studies of Lisbon School of Economics and Management, Lisbon University (CESA/ISEG) are organizing the III Edition of the International Development Summer Course, which will take place online, from 15th to 17th of June 2021, under the theme “Challenging the future of Global Development”.

As an event focused on building knowledge, critical thinking and finding answers for questions and problems of an interdependent world, the International Development Summer Course, in its previous editions, has been enabling Portuguese and international development stakeholders to engage with the trends and challenges in Global Development. In an increasingly complex international development cooperation scope, views centered on the usual categories, traditional actors, power relations that emanate from the division between “rich countries in the North” and “poor countries in the South”, are becoming obsolete and inadequate to create a new world that “leaves no one behind”. When a global pandemic affects the way people connect, the way we dream of a better world is crucial to find new types of finance for development beyond aid, global regulations and knowledge dissemination.

Competences such as resilience, adaptability and openness are increasingly in demand to enable the design and the implementation of innovative approaches capable of dealing with the current social, economic, cultural and political challenges. “Challenging the future of Global Development” will be led by well-known, nationally and internationally, development thinkers and professionals.

The event will take place between the 15th and 17th of June 2021 and will have several public online sessions, with Portuguese and English translation, under the following topics:

  • Rethinking Development Cooperation for post-pandemic World;
  • Building Genuine and legitimate Partnerships;,
  • Liberal globalization paradigm in perspective: Democracy and economy;
  • Financing for Development: new trends on a multiplex world;
  • Trade Justice and Development: Sustainable production and consumption;
  • Public Sphere and Civic Space.

Interested participants will be able to sign up for all sessions or create their own program by registering only in their favourite panels.

Learn more and perform registration on NGOs Portuguese Platform website here.

PhD student in Development Studies awarded with the Best Novel Research Award

We congratulate Mojgan Chapariha, PhD student in Development Studies at ISEG, Universidade de Lisboa, by the Best Novel Research Award offered by the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics (CANSEE) for her PhD research entitled Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and transitioning towards an economy based on human and ecological well-being’. Mojgan Chapariha research is supervised by Professor Emeritus at York University Peter Victor and Professor Olívia Bina (ICS/ULisboa).

On the Nature and Determinants of Poor Households’ Resilience in Fragility Contexts

Authored by Christophe R. Quétel, Guy Bordin, Alexandre Abreu, Ilektra Lemi & Carlos Sangreman, this article published in the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities focuses on the resilience of placed populations in the face of great adversity.

Jornalistic Creation on Development Scholarship 2021

Within the scope of the Future Cooperation Project(s), an initiative by ACEP and CEsA, with the support of Camões IP, was created competition for the attribution of Journalistic Creation Scholarships to carry out a reporting experience on topics related to Development, which are not normally news in the Portuguese media.

Proposals for written, photographic or audio reporting works are eligible for this scholarship. The theme related to Development is free, as well as the duration of the stay in the field, however paying special attention to the feasibility of the action within the proposed budget.

The reports will later be published on

Important dates:
The deadline for submitting applications is 15 June 2021.
The results will be known from July 5, 2021.
The reports should be done by October 31, 2021.

Consult the instructions